Monday, December 10, 2012

Developer account!

With Vishesh Handa's support, I got a KDE Developer Account! Using it, I pushed the commit that implements the refactoring described in the last post. "With great power comes great responsibility".

By the way, in January, when I'll have time, I plan to read some books on semantic technologies, like ontologies, RDF and OWL. Fortunately, many books on these subjects are available in my university's libraries. I'll go to the Faculty of Information Science library and choose two from:

1- OWL: representing information using the web ontology language
2- Programming the Semantic Web
3- Semantic Web Programming
4- Semantic Web: a guide to the future of XML, Web services and knowledge management

Who knows if knowledge won't be useful outside Nepomuk. Although Google Trends shows a steady decrease in the number of searches for "Semantic Web" and related terms, Oracle, IBM and even Google have done work and research on the subject, with some positive results. Also, Semantic Web technologies don't need to be applied to the Web - Nepomuk proves it.

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